Die unbequeme Wissenschaft (The Uncomfortable Science)
Gareth Kennedy

20.09 – 15.11.2014

Opening: 19.09.2014, 7 pm

‘Stube’ Forum: 20.09.2014, 3 pm

Installation design by Harry Thaler
Production by Josef Rainer and Verena Rastner

Curated by Emanuele Guidi

The Uncomfortable Science is the culmination of research conducted by Irish artist Gareth Kennedy as part of the first year-long research project at ar/ge kunst. Invited for his work on expressions of ‘folk’ culture, Kennedy has undertaken an investigation of the troubled history of folklore and visual anthropology in the South Tyrol.

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Image below: Maskenschnitzer Lukas Troi with the mask of Alfred Quellmalz, Ethnomusicologist with the SS Ahnenerbe Kulturkommission to the South Tyrol, 1939-1942. Production still. Photo by Gareth Kennedy.