The Myth of the Many in the One, 2012

The Myth of the Many in the One draws on extensive research from the niche area of publishing that is the contemporary business biography. Identifying a selection of these texts, Kennedy Browne attempts to decode the myth of the visionary leader of technological progress and his place in our culture. These figures are all men, and are all presented as visionary entrepreneurs responsible for key developments in electronic and digital goods manufacturing. As such their biographies inevitably intersect with Silicon Valley, California.

Looking to these stories of industry leaders - Bob Noyce, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs... - it’s apparent that a certain myth of the visionary, messianic leader of (capitalist, technological) industry prevails. To accentuate the exploration of this myth, Kennedy Browne has focused on tales from the boyhoods of these men.

Kennedy Browne’s intention is to explore this myth through a selective catalogue of anecdotes and biographical material gleaned from this material which is the crafted into a singular and unlikely narrative. The Myth of the Many in the One, made with a precocious child actor and shot on location with a child actor and a voice-over artist, a pre-Silicon Valley orchard provides a significant mental and emotional backdrop to this narrative.