Nine of the world’s top ten global pharmaceutical companies are located in Ireland.
Why are these companies here?
What is the global distribution of the bodies their drugs treat?
What needs, desires and dysfunctions do these bodies manifest?
What relationships do these bodies have with macro economic and social developments in the early 21st century?

Kennedy Browne will investigate these questions, drawing on a wide range of governmental and multinational data as well as anecdotal evidence collated from the internet. The interrogation will depart from a study of the landscape of so-called ‘blockbuster drugs’ (patented brand name drugs). This examination will include their social and economic biographies, their off-label and out of indication uses, their myriad side effects and unexpected combinations with other substances.

This work is currently in it's research phase and is part of Troubling Ireland. Troubling Ireland was a year long cross-borders Think Tank for Artists and Curators led by Danish Curators Kuratorisk Aktion. It will manifest as a poster campaign across Dublin city in September 2011 and a Public Hearing at Liberty Hall in Dublin on September 16th. This will inaugurate the production of new works as part of a national campaign in 2012-2013.


* Half of the world's top ten blockbuster drugs are manufactured in Ireland. Rated by global sales revenue figures as published in Pharmaceutical Executive Magazine, New York, May 2010.


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Pharmaceutical Factory, Ireland