How Capital Moves
2 channel HD video installation, 26 mins, 2010

How Capital Moves is a new body of work conceived specifically for exhibition at the Lodz Biennale, partly in response to a computer factory in Limerick, Ireland, moving to the city. For this project Kennedy Browne was concerned with interrogating the vagaries and predilections of neo-liberal investment and its effects on the lives of its workers. Many multinational companies have strict confidentiality clauses built into their employees' work contracts and typically ban all union representation: hence through proxy identities, the internet becomes a location for the dissent and discord of alienated employees that has little other outlet. Using this resource, Kennedy Browne gathered, compiled and edited anecdotes of redundancy and the insecure nature of employment within the new capitalism.

This material was crafted into a script made up of 6 distinct monologues each one capturing the essence of different experiences and anxieties of working within The Company. The script was then translated and performed in Polish with English subtitles offered on a separate monitor. Each monologue is performed by the same actor but with a different persona and attire. All personas were dressed in Pyjamas particular to their personality and in reference to the laying off over 200 employees in an Oregon call centre by The Company on 'Pajama Day' in August 2007.

Premiered at the Fokus Lodz Biennale, 2010, Poland








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