The Wonder Years, 2013

The Wonder Years is a collection of objects of critical significance to the childhood years of the boy avatar in The Myth of the Many in the One.

These objects include:

Bob Noyce’s glider from 1937; Dave Packard’s pipe bomb and Bill Hewlet's brass doorknob grenade from 1923 and 1924; Bill Gates’ rocking horse from 1956; and Mark Zuckerberg’s bar mitzvah light sabre from 1997.

These boyhood artefacts were carefully reconstructed, primarily using resources such as online fabrication services and auction sites (eBay). They are then displayed together as mythic relics related to the genesis of the digital age.

These works were commissioned for Liquid Assets Liquid Assets - In the Aftermath of the Transformation of Capital as part of the 2013 Steirischer Herbst festival curated by Katerina Gregos and Luigi Fassi.

Installation at Steirishce Herbst

Bill Gate's Rocking Horse, 1956  

Dave & Bill's Pipebomb & Grenade  

Zuckerberg's Light Sabre, 1997  

Steve Job's Life Magazine, 1968  

Bill Gate's Napoleon Bios, 1962  

Job's Carbon Microphone, 1966  

Jeff Bezo's Crib, 1966  

Bob Noyce's Glider, 1937