Site Visit (Ireland's Strategic Oil Reserve)
Whiddy Island, Ireland's Strategic Oil Reserve, [September 10th 2007], black and white photograph, 59.4 × 84.1 cm, 2007

Photographic document of Ireland's strategic oil reserve on Whiddy Island, Co. Cork. Under European law each member state must have 70 days supply of oil in case of disruption of supply. Part of the Irish reserve is at Whiddy Island under the supervision of multinational company, Conoco Philips.

Bringn' home the Oil
Advertising jingle for the Gulf Oil Corporation, 1971 (plays on headphones to subtitles on monitor), DVD, 3 minutes, 2007

The jingle to a two-minute long television commercial from 1971 for the Gulf Oil company's celebration of their new operations in Bantry Bay was extracted and put with subtitles against a black background. Written and performed by Tommy Makem and the Clancy Brothers, the sea shanty soundtrack is a remarkable jamboree of Irish nationalistic jingoism and it's unlikely confluence with multi-national Big Oil.

Exhibited at:

'Current Trends - Past Prospects', solo exhibition at Pallas Contemporary Projects, November 2007